Joe Biden Presidential Report Card

AFSCME members identified these topics as the most important, but we want to hear how you graded President Biden’s first term, too. Fill out a grade for each topic, submit with your email address below, and share with your fellow AFSCME members.

Stabilizing the economy and investing in public service workers

President Biden stabilized our economy by investing in public service workers. He saved public service jobs across the country and brought back tens of thousands of AFSCME members who were laid off during the pandemic. He put money back in our pockets. Now, he’s fighting to lower everyday costs for working families so we can build our economy from the bottom up and the middle out.

Protecting Social Security, Medicare and pensions

President Biden fought back and won against extreme politicians who threatened our Social Security, Medicare and our pensions. At every point, he’s stood up to those who want to cut these essential programs. Our retirement security and peace of mind are front and center in his agenda.

Lowering health care costs for working families

President Biden has fought to make health care more affordable by taking on the pharmaceutical industry to lower the costs of prescription drugs and capping the cost of insulin at $35 a month for seniors.

Tackling the public service staffing crisis

Biden championed the American Rescue Plan, the infrastructure bill and other pro-worker legislation, providing essential funding to state and local governments, saving hundreds of thousands of public service jobs and paving the way for historic contracts that have improved pay and brought better benefits and safer working conditions for AFSCME members.

Protecting workers’ freedom to come together and form strong unions

President Biden has stood with us by enacting laws that empower workers, appointing fair leaders who have protected workers' rights and becoming the first sitting president to join striking workers fighting for a better contract on the picket line.

Demonstrated commitment to making workplaces safe and fair for all AFSCME members

From making it easier for federal workers to organize to staffing up OSHA to taking action to forgive student loan debt for public service workers, President Biden’s administration has made safety and respect in the workplace a top priority.